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Working Offline

Using Xythos Drive to turn the Internet into a virtual hard drive offers many advantages.  However, an Internet connection may not always be available. With Xythos Drive you can access recently used files or files you have selected to always be available offline, even when the Internet is not available.

Connect to the server in offline mode

  1. On the Connect tab, click the Disconnect if necessary. You need to disconnect before you can work offline.
  2. In the Drive box, choose a drive letter or use the default, and then click Work Offline.
  3. If you see a dialog box, type your username and password, and then click OK.

Making files and folders available offline

Any files that have been opened recently will be available when you are offline as long as the local cache has not been cleared. To make sure that important files are always available offline, they should be marked as such. You must be connected to the service to select files and folders to be available offline.

Use Windows Explorer to select files and folders to access offline:

  1. Using Windows Explorer, right-click to select a file or folder to make it available offline, and then select Always Available Offline.
  2. If you select a folder:
    1. On the Confirm Offline Subfolders dialog box, select No to make only the files in the selected folder always available offline, or select Yes to also make all subfolders and their contents also available offline.
    2. New Folders created on a folder that has been marked as always available offline will automatically be available offline.

Files selected for offline availability are copied to your local hard disk, increasing local disk usage and possibly slowing folder listings and synchronization.

Displaying offline file status

You can configure Windows Explorer to display whether a file on your Xythos WebFile server is selected for offline availability.

  1. Explore the mapped drive with Windows Explorer.
  2. On the Windows Explorer View menu, select Choose Details. Alternatively, in the Windows Explorer window, right-click any column name, and then select More.
  3. Select the Xythos Drive Status check box. 
  4. Click OK to return to Windows Explorer.
Files that have been selected to always be available offline have Present offline in the Xythos Drive Status column.

Working with offline files

  1. Make sure all files from your mapped are closed.
  2. To display the Xythos Drive window, click the Xythos Drive icon in the Windows system tray.
  3. On the Xythos Drive window, click the Connect tab.
  4. Click the box containing service names Service Name to view the available services, and then choose the name of the service that you want to use.
  5. If the status is Working Online, then click Disconnect.
  6. Click Work Offline.

When your folders and files are available for access offline, a red X appears over the drive when you open My Computer or Windows Explorer. As you browse your files remember that the files and folders that are not available while you are working offline appear dimmed.

 Synchronizing offline files

After you have been working offline for a while, it is likely that you will need to synchronize your work with the server. Xythos Drive is set up to automatically synchronize with the server changes made while working offline the next time you connect to the server.

If a file you have edited has been updated on the server since you last synchronized, possibly by another user, you will get prompted with a dialog asking you what action to take. You can either choose to overwrite the other user's edits, to save your changes to another location, or to discard your edits.

To manually synchronize your files, on the Xythos Drive Offline tab, click Synchronize Now. The local cache will be updated with the latest copies from the server.