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Working Online

To access server-based files you must first establish a connection with the server. And, to make the connection, Xythos Drive needs information, such as the server address, the folder to connect to, your identification, etc. This information is saved in a service. You may have one or more services predefined by your system administrator.

For help creating and configuring a service, please refer to the Connect page of the Personalizing section. It is also possible that your administrator has already pre-configured a service for you to use. In this case, you can simply proceed to the next step.

Connecting to a server

  1. To display the Xythos Drive window, in the Windows system tray, click the Xythos Drive icon.
  2. On the Xythos Drive window, click the Connect tab.
  3. Right of the Service box, click the Service Name arrow to view the available services, and then choose the name of the service that you want to use.
  4. In the Drive box, select the drive letter you want the service to be mapped to, if you do not want to use the default.
  5. Click Work Online.
  6. Enter your Username and Password, if necessary.

In Windows Explorer you will now see a drive letter  mapped to the folder specified in the service you selected. You can access the contents of that folder in the same manner you use files and folders located on your local hard drive.

If you have trouble connecting...

If you are having difficulty connecting to the server you should do the following things:
  • Verify the computer has an established Internet connection. A good test is to use a web browser to access the server. If the web browser can not access the server, then it may be a networking issue.
  • If you must use a proxy to access the server, then make sure you have correctly configured it on the Advanced tab.
  • Make sure all the service settings are correct. On the Connect tab, click the Service arrow, and then click Edit to view the service properties.  Verify the server URL. Click the (...) button to the right of the Server URL box to view and verify the Use secure connection setting.

For more information about services refer to the Connect page of the Personalizing section of the Xythos Drive help.