Online Document Management and Collaboration

Xythos on Demand helps organizations connect more effectively, customize their user experience and restore information when needed. Built on the same technology used by some of the world's largest organizations, Xythos on Demand meets increasingly stringent security requirements yet easily works together with the desktop software you already own.

What's new


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Xythos Drop Box
The Xythos Drop Box is a fast and easy way to collect time-sensitive material and preserve and verify its original state. Use the Xythos Drop Box to automate the document submittal process including bids and proposals, open job requests, team projects, and other types of time-sensitive content. With Xythos Drop Box there’s no question about when a submission was received or who delivered it. Drop Box works together with other Xythos features too – allowing you to receive instant notification of document deliveries. You can also create and customize as many Drop Boxes as needed without any programming requirements.

Email client integration
Choose between the available web-based email provided or a preferred local email client when sharing and sending content from Xythos on Demand. Wizards guide the user to select the appropriate security for recipients so that the correct type of secure URL is sent. These new options help improve efficiency while providing users with an easy web-based mail alternative when they are away from their primary PC.

Wiki Templates
Integrated Wikis helps users easily capture, organize and share information. Wiki templates enable users to standardize content delivery or help establish best practices. Wiki templates can include saved searches and RSS links helping automate content collection and secure content publication.

External User Setup
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External Users
Improve collaboration with ad-hoc team members or long-time vendors with the new “external user” feature. An external user is someone who requires access to specific areas of the organization but does not need, nor should not have, the same level of access as an internal user. Access can be customized based on the organization’s business processes and collaboration needs. Even though external users count toward the overall user license, they are not added to the organization’s searchable user list. Only Xythos on Demand administrator’s can search for and add external users.

Xythos wizards help take the guess-work out of safely managing documents and sharing them on the web. Users can stay focused on their tasks and let wizards quickly guide them through setting up workspaces or classifying documents.

Folder creation wizard. Xythos simplifies the process of creating secure shared workspaces. The Folder Creation Wizard is a step-by-step process to ensure users can create flexible and secure shared folders or workspaces. Want email notifications when team members access or update content? Need to maintain a project work history? Xythos’ easy-to-use folder wizard will help make this process a snap.

Classification wizard. Easily classify documents and folders with the new Classification Wizard. Choose from one of five pre-installed classes or create your own. Need to classify multiple documents easily without error? Want a more systematic approach to all of the documents required for compliance? The Classification wizard makes the process easy.


Personalized branding
Build stronger relationships with clients and users with the new personalized branding feature in Xythos on Demand. Add a custom logo, change the site title, even replace the logo URL, to remind customers or partners that they are benefiting from collaborating with your business.

Customized folder settings
Folder views. Create stronger knowledge sharing bonds by showing only those folder settings applicable to the project, team or initiative. Add or remove columns and select from standard properties or document classes. Customized folder views enable users to customize the view that’s right for their team.

Classification properties views. Easily view document metadata to find appropriate content without drilling down through extra screens. Apply classification properties to folders and sub-folders in addition to individual documents.


Recycle Bin Restore
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Accidentally deleted files can cause anguish and lost productivity. Ironically, one of the most common causes of deleted files are user overwrites. Files saved accidentally. Now Xythos on Demand makes restoring lost files easier than ever. When a file is deleted, it is sent to the Recycle Bin. To restore the document, simply navigate to the Xythos on Demand trash folder, right-click on the item and select the restore option. Not only is the file restored, but all of document properties, versions, log information, subscriptions and workflows are recovered as well.

To restore a document that has been overwritten, the new sub-folder, “Overwritten Files”, enables the user to restore an overwritten file, and also select which version of the file should be restored. Any overwritten file is automatically sent to this special sub-folder and assigned versioning information.

Account Management Features

We’ve made managing your Xythos on Demand account even easier with improved user screens to manage your account plan, billing and invoices. Integrated help assists you step-by-step to ensure you get the most from your Xythos on Demand service.

Other enhancements

Enhanced move permissions and owners assignment alleviates re-assigning permissions when folders or documents are moved.

Enhanced contacts screen makes it easier to locate users for shared activities. Can now include contacts from other Xythos on Demand accounts.

Recycle Bin security enhancements ensures that even content in the Recycle Bin is managed securely.

Recycle Bin auto expiration lets you decide when to automatically delete content that resides in the Recycle Bin.

ADA-compliance for the complete Xythos on Demand web user interface.